Rear Extension and Mansion Regeneration

Great Dunmow, Essex.

Reviving Heritage: A Manor House’s New Chapter in Great Dunmow

Nestled in the scenic town of Great Dunmow, Essex, a historic manor house embarks on a journey of transformation and renewal, guided by the visionary team at Connor Ferris Architects. This prestigious project not only aims to enhance the manor’s living spaces through a thoughtfully designed rear extension but also to unify its diverse architectural elements into a harmonious New England style residence.

Project Highlights: Blending Tradition with Modern Luxury

The Vision: Commissioned by a discerning private client, Connor Ferris Architects was tasked with the ambitious objective of creating a 3.5-metre by 9-metre rear extension. This extension is designed to infuse the property with natural light through luxurious large gallery windows, expanding living spaces while elevating the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Architectural Regeneration: One of the project’s unique challenges was the integration of the manor’s multiple existing architectural styles into a cohesive New England style property. This required a delicate balance of respect for the historical essence of the manor while introducing contemporary design elements that reflect the New England architectural vernacular.

Planning Permission and Beyond: Achieving planning permission was a critical step in bringing this vision to life, showcasing Connor Ferris Architects’ expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes. With this milestone reached, the project moves forward to the Building Regulations package, setting the stage for construction and the realisation of the client’s vision.

A New Era of Manor Living: The rear extension and architectural regeneration of this manor house in Great Dunmow represent more than just a renovation; they signify the rebirth of a heritage property into a modern, luxurious home. The inclusion of large gallery windows and the transformation into a New England style facade promise to redefine the manor’s identity, blending the old with the new in perfect harmony.

Discover the Transformation with Connor Ferris Architects: As Connor Ferris Architects progresses with the construction of this monumental project, we invite you to follow along and witness the transformation of tradition into contemporary luxury. This manor house’s journey from its historical roots to a modern-day architectural masterpiece exemplifies our dedication to excellence and innovation in design.

For further insights into our approach to luxury design and architectural regeneration, book your consultation today. Join us in celebrating the fusion of history and modernity that defines our work at Connor Ferris Architects.

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