Illuminating Design: The Bungalow Extension in Ipswich

Ipswich, Suffolk.

A Beacon of Light and Space in Ipswich: Crafting the Future with Connor Ferris Architects

In the tranquil setting of Ipswich, Suffolk, a traditional bungalow undergoes a transformative extension project under the expertise of Connor Ferris Architects. This single-storey rear extension is more than an addition to a home; it’s a reimagination of living space, designed to bring the outside in and bathe the home in natural light.

Designing with Light in Mind

A Vision of Brightness: The primary goal of this extension was to open up the rear end of the bungalow, creating a fluid, light-filled living area that seamlessly connects with the outdoors. To achieve this, Connor Ferris Architects meticulously planned the incorporation of a roof lantern and bi-fold doors, ensuring an abundance of natural light while enhancing the aesthetic and functional appeal of the property.

Architectural Symmetry and Style: Complementing the existing structure, the extension was finished with a white render, chosen for its ability to reflect light and add a modern touch to the bungalow’s traditional charm. This choice not only unifies the old with the new but also reinforces the home’s brightness and openness, creating a cohesive and inviting living environment.

The Gateway to Modern Living: This project in Ipswich exemplifies how thoughtful architectural design can revolutionise a living space. The roof lantern acts as a centerpiece for the extension, drawing the sky into the home, while the bi-fold doors erase the boundary between interior and exterior, encouraging a lifestyle that embraces the natural environment.

Explore Innovation with Connor Ferris Architects

The Single Storey Rear Extension in Ipswich is a testament to Connor Ferris Architects’ commitment to creating spaces that inspire, function, and elevate the human experience. By harnessing the transformative power of light and innovative design, this project stands as a beacon of what is possible in modern architectural practice.

With each project, Connor Ferris Architects strives to push the boundaries of design, creating spaces that are not just lived in but cherished.

For further insights into our visionary work and to view our portfolio of transformative designs, book a consultation today. Join us on a journey of architectural excellence, where every project is an opportunity to explore new horizons in design and living.

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